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Senior Java Applications Developer879+5£100,000+110.52%2 (0.002%)1
 Java/J2EE Architect869-14£80,000+10.34%12 (0.011%)2
 Java Technical Architect856-43£75,000-25 (0.023%)4
 Java Mobile Developer873-£75,000-8 (0.007%)
 Senior Java Consultant873-17£72,500+7.40%8 (0.007%)2
Java Technologist880+4£72,500-6.45%1 (0.001%)
 JPQL879-£70,000-2 (0.002%)2
 Java Architect723-76£70,000+7.69%160 (0.15%)10
 Java Consultant835-84£67,500+17.39%46 (0.043%)8
POJO878+12£65,000+30.00%3 (0.003%)
Java Concurrency880+2£65,000-45.83%1 (0.001%)2
 Java Solutions Architect871-3£63,750-1.92%10 (0.009%)1
Senior Java Engineer845+32£61,500+23.00%36 (0.034%)10
Senior Java Programmer850+13£60,000+9.09%31 (0.029%)1
 JMX8270£60,000+9.09%54 (0.050%)14
JAXP875+15£60,000-22.58%6 (0.006%)
 Java Development Manager873-9£60,000-22.58%8 (0.007%)3
 Erlang787-67£60,000+2.12%94 (0.088%)18
 Java RMI836-12£58,500+23.15%45 (0.042%)13
 Java Team Leader771-29£58,000+7.90%110 (0.10%)24
 Senior Java Architect865-25£57,500-8.00%16 (0.015%)2
JMS395+26£57,500+4.54%688 (0.64%)123
Java Engineer805+49£57,500-8.00%76 (0.071%)17
Esper856+30£57,500+27.77%25 (0.023%)4
 Senior Java Developer307-54£55,000-989 (0.92%)190
 Lead Java Developer771-4£55,000-8.33%110 (0.10%)26
JAX-WS823+5£55,000-58 (0.054%)4
JAX-RS772+61£55,000+15.78%109 (0.10%)23
 JAXB804-18£55,000+4.76%77 (0.072%)14
 J2ME823-14£55,000+10.00%58 (0.054%)7
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Junior or Graduate JavaScript Developer

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
We run our development projects using Agile, primarily using Atlassian Jira, with continuous integration and testing frameworks... - Further development of JSON API, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Memcache services... You have a proven programming ability, coding in languages like: JavaScript | Python | Java | C | Ruby | PHP | Go | Erlang | Swift... You may be considering jobs...
Salary: From £32,000 to £40,000 per annum (negotiable)
Posted: 23 February 2015 -
techfolk Ltd

Senior Backend Engineer

North West London
You will face some of the most difficult challenges in modern software engineering. The scale at which their systems must operate will require not only producing and using highly-performant algorithms and data structures, but also solving complex problems involving distributed systems, operational transformation algorithms, and security. Furthermore, most (if...
Salary: From £60,000 to £95,000 per annum
Posted: 27 February 2015 -

Senior Software Engineer

Manchester, Lancashire
Java and C#/.NET being classified as a single language on the wider spectrum (as is C++)... *Erlang. *ML/OCaml. *Haskell. *Scala. *Python. *Ruby... *3-4 years' experience as a test/ software engineer. *Degree educated, preferably in a relevant subject such as computer science, software engineering, physics, mathematics or electronics.
Posted: 23 February 2015 -
Roc Search

Senior Multi-Language Software Developers - £40-70k - London

Do you have an interest in Functional Programming?... This High-Tech, Open Source focused organisation is very well respected and renowned within the industry - with a history of producing Software which is in common use worldwide!... OO, Declarative, Functional)... -Work on Open Source projects, attend conferences and events... Ideally some...
Salary: £40000 - £70000 per annum + Benefits
Posted: 25 February 2015 -