Job Market Insights and Actionable Intelligence

Experienced IT Industry Researchers
Real-time Skills Demand and Compensation Data

For private and public sector clients we have a dedicated research team offering bespoke analysis and labour market insights.

Combining our in-depth knowledge of the IT industry with real-time demand and compensation data, plus labour market information (LMI) from key government sources, we can provide support or turnkey solutions tuned to your needs.

HR and Corporate

Take the guesswork out of:
check_circle Can we obtain the staff to meet our business goals?
check_circle Do we develop in-house capability or outsource our IT requirements?
check_circle Where should we locate/reduce investment?
check_circle Should we recruit permanent or contract staff?
check_circle How can we reduce 'flight risk'?
check_circle What's on the skills horizon?
check_circle How does our IT capability compare with other firms/industries?

Education and Training

Establish or update requirements for internal/external courses
check_circle What are the development requirements for our IT specialists?
check_circle What are the key course components?
check_circle How attractive will qualifiers be to competitors?
check_circle How much do employers value different qualifications/certifications?
check_circle What are the likely employment opportunities for student qualifiers?

Public Sector Policy and Planning

We can measure, monitor and compare the demand and supply of IT labour and skills within your area and undertake wider area audits to benchmark digital capacity against other areas of the UK.
check_circle How does our 'digital' capacity compare with other areas?
check_circle Which are our strengths/weaknesses?
check_circle Who are the key employers in our area?
check_circle What does the talent pipeline look like for IT?

Marketing, Public Relations and Journalists

Take the guesswork out of:
check_circle What are the growth areas for IT professionals?
check_circle What are the key issues facing the IT sector?
check_circle How does IT compare with other employment/industry sectors?
check_circle How does our organisation compare to the industry standard?
check_circle How can I raise the company profile?

Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Take the guesswork out of:
check_circle What kind of IT staff are we looking for/how do we communicate this?
check_circle How wide do we cast our net?
check_circle What is a competitive package to attract/retain quality hires?
check_circle Which positions will be hard-to-fill?
check_circle How do we obtain data to support our visa application?

Careers Services

Take the guesswork out of:
check_circle What are the IT employment opportunities in our area?
check_circle What are the core IT skills I should encourage clients to obtain?
check_circle What are the career options for those starting in IT?
check_circle What are the progression routes for IT specialists?
check_circle What IT opportunities will be there in 5-10 years?

Senior Researchers

Peter Hounsome
Head of Research, Compensation and Market Insights
Peter heads up our research team. He has been researching developments in the UK labour market for over 25 years. He is recognised as an Approved Researcher by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Department for Education (DfE). He holds a license from the Chancellor of the Exchequers to access BRES business data from NOMIS and has special license access to various government datasets. He currently sits on the DfE NPD (National Pupil Database) Steering Group and ONS SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) revision steering group. Peter holds an MSc in Technical Change and Regional Development.

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