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2 Dec 2021
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Median Salary
Median Salary
YoY Change
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Technical Author964-253£47,500+18.75%94 (0.073%)42
Junior Technical Author1,049-£25,000-9 (0.007%)1
Technical Advisor1,043-307£70,000+238.16%15 (0.012%)8
Technical Analyst503-49£48,750+14.70%716 (0.56%)99
Technical Debt572+19£72,500+14.17%566 (0.44%)93
Technical Architect486-26£75,000+6.49%765 (0.59%)180
Technical Analysis795-166£65,000-3.70%264 (0.20%)51
Technical Director1,022-300£80,000-5.88%36 (0.028%)4
Technical Tester1,051-319£32,500-31.57%7 (0.005%)2
Technical Assistant1,042-304£21,750-57.56%16 (0.012%)9
Technical Leader400-62£72,500+11.53%1,023 (0.79%)125
Technical Administrator1,032-295£28,000-26 (0.020%)8
Technical Writer992-276£55,000-8.33%66 (0.051%)15
Technical Manager567-41£60,000-7.69%573 (0.44%)110
Technical Architecture366+9£80,000+10.34%1,146 (0.89%)178
Technical Support568-76£33,250+10.83%571 (0.44%)301
Technical Trainer1,042-314£47,500-13.63%16 (0.012%)1
Technical Coordinator1,051-315£32,500-10.34%7 (0.005%)6
Technical Engineer753-172£35,000-12.50%309 (0.24%)166
Author960-251£45,000+12.50%98 (0.076%)42
Technical Leadership200+3£71,500+6.71%2,310 (1.79%)362
Technical Developer882-200£67,500+3.84%176 (0.14%)15
Senior Technical Analyst1,006-279£56,250+35.54%52 (0.040%)5
Junior Technical Analyst1,051-£32,500-7 (0.005%)
Technical Consultant598-137£56,000-2.60%516 (0.40%)64
Technical Specialist905-230£50,000+3.09%153 (0.12%)27
Technical Team Leader961-254£50,000-97 (0.075%)7
Senior Technical Architect969-241£70,000-28.20%89 (0.069%)13
Technical Account Manager1,023-301£65,000+33.33%35 (0.027%)7
Junior Technical Architect1,045-306£58,750+43.29%13 (0.010%)1
SAP Technical Architect1,039-301£140,000+7.69%19 (0.015%)2
Technical Product Owner1,027-312£67,500+9.75%31 (0.024%)2
Java Technical Architect1,048-345£110,000-15.38%10 (0.008%)1
Technical Design Leader1,049-314£51,458+16.94%9 (0.007%)1
Chief Technical Architect1,051-£131,176-7 (0.005%)1
Senior Technical Manager1,018-290£65,000+8.33%40 (0.031%)6
Senior Technical Support1,022-313£42,250+5.62%36 (0.028%)6
Sales Technical Architect1,047-£85,000-11 (0.009%)
Technical Project Leader1,048-318£61,000+8.92%10 (0.008%)1
Technical Project Manager809-128£57,500+6.97%250 (0.19%)23
Technical Operations (TechOps)795-119£53,000-3.73%264 (0.20%)69
Technical Support Analyst899-259£32,000+9.40%159 (0.12%)41
IT Technical Manager1,025-311£55,000-2.22%33 (0.026%)7
Technical Product Manager1,004-320£76,250+8.92%54 (0.042%)3
Technical Support Manager1,028-297£50,000+11.11%30 (0.023%)14
Senior Technical Engineer1,032-316£55,000+35.80%26 (0.020%)2
Technical Business Analyst763-155£57,500+4.54%298 (0.23%)21
Technical Support Engineer868-219£32,500+3.50%190 (0.15%)126
Technical Delivery Manager990-260£75,000+7.14%68 (0.053%)16
Technical Services Analyst1,021-302£32,500-5.79%37 (0.029%)8
Technical Services Manager1,020-290£56,250-19.64%38 (0.030%)3
Technical Security Analyst1,039-302£51,250+70.83%19 (0.015%)2
Graduate Technical Analyst1,042-307£30,000+26.31%16 (0.012%)2
Technical Programme Manager1,051-£76,250-7 (0.005%)2
Presales Technical Architect1,021-285£75,000+36.36%37 (0.029%)1
Senior Technical Consultant1,026-325£67,500-3.57%32 (0.025%)5
Senior Technical Specialist1,040-306£62,500-28.57%18 (0.014%)
Security Technical Architect1,042-£73,000-16 (0.012%)2
Technical Support Assistant1,050-£21,000-8 (0.006%)7
Principal Technical Architect1,044-305£73,000+11.86%14 (0.011%)2
Junior Technical Consultant1,049-312£40,000+60.00%9 (0.007%)
Technical Solutions Architect963-268£80,000+18.51%95 (0.074%)21
Technical Support Specialist1,028-294£40,000+49.53%30 (0.023%)17
Technical Operations Analyst1,041-306£45,000+33.68%17 (0.013%)
Technical Support Team Leader1,025-291£36,500-13.60%33 (0.026%)3
Technical Support Consultant1,042-313£42,500+41.66%16 (0.012%)7
Technical Operations Manager1,051-317£60,000+9.09%7 (0.005%)12
Local Government (Local Authority, Local Council)602-111£42,230-15.54%510 (0.40%)232
Technical Infrastructure Architect1,006-276£75,000+15.38%52 (0.040%)2
Infrastructure Technical Architect1,006-276£75,000+15.38%52 (0.040%)2
Salesforce Technical Architect1,023-300£96,500+20.62%35 (0.027%)8
Salesforce Technical Leader1,032-310£85,000+6.25%26 (0.020%)3
2nd Line Technical Support1,013-306£30,000+9.09%45 (0.035%)12
Senior Technical Project Manager1,028-294£65,000+16.07%30 (0.023%)1
Oracle Technical Consultant1,040-311£60,000-17.24%18 (0.014%)3
Technical Security Consultant1,045-318£62,500-13 (0.010%)4
Security Technical Consultant1,045-318£62,500-13 (0.010%)4
Technical Infrastructure Manager1,046-316£65,000+23.80%12 (0.009%)4
3rd Line Technical Support1,030-319£42,500+17.24%28 (0.022%)3
2nd Line Technical Support Analyst1,032-302£32,000+10.34%26 (0.020%)5
1st Line Technical Support1,036-305£22,500-10.00%22 (0.017%)21
Technical Infrastructure Consultant1,037-300£42,500-10.52%21 (0.016%)1
Senior Unix Technical Specialist1,040-306£62,500-28.57%18 (0.014%)
Senior Technical Business Analyst1,040-303£68,500-2.14%18 (0.014%)2
Technical Presales Consultant1,041-320£50,000-23.07%17 (0.013%)4
3rd Line Technical Engineer1,042-324£50,000+33.33%16 (0.012%)
Senior Technical Support Engineer1,042-321£61,500+53.75%16 (0.012%)2
Technical Development Manager1,043-316£60,000-29.41%15 (0.012%)2
1st/2nd Line Technical Support1,044-319£26,000-9.95%14 (0.011%)2
Salesforce Technical Consultant1,046-314£67,500+12.50%12 (0.009%)5
Senior Technical Support Analyst1,046-313£38,000+21.60%12 (0.009%)2
Technical Infrastructure Engineer1,047-322£55,000+12.82%11 (0.009%)1
2nd Line Technical Support Engineer1,048-322£27,500-10 (0.008%)1
Technical Infrastructure Analyst1,051-312£55,000-7 (0.005%)4
Graduate Technical Support1,047-309£27,500+34.14%11 (0.009%)12
Technical Implementation Manager1,049-£50,000-9 (0.007%)
Technical Operations Engineer1,050-318£42,500-27.65%8 (0.006%)5
IBM Technical Consultant1,051-£40,000-7 (0.005%)
Graduate Technical Engineer1,051-312£32,500-7.14%7 (0.005%)7
Virtualisation Technical Consultant1,051-313£55,000-7 (0.005%)

Technical Author

Winchester, Hampshire - JAM Recruitment Ltd
A couple of quotes from recent hires - "The team is the best team of people I've ever worked with" and "I've been working here since 2012 and really enjoy the problem solving involved in my role; there's nothing like seeing something you've designed being completed. You're making something work perfectly in an imperfect environment. I work with the best, up and coming, engineers... more ▸
Salary: Negotiable
Posted: 19 days ago

Technical Author (End User)

West Sussex - Enterprise Recruitment Ltd
Technical Author (End User) An exciting, challenging, and unique opportunity has arisen for an extremely motivated and logical individual with the skills and knowledge of “End User” Technical Publication manual generation. This is for a complex portfolio of products related to the semi-conductor equipment manufacturing industry. This will also include the creation of engineering service bulletins, various risk assessments,... more ▸
Salary: £30000 - £40000 per annum
Posted: 26 days ago

Technical Writer / Technical Author, Science, R&D

Oxford, Oxfordshire - Corriculo
Technical Writer / Technical Author, Science, R&D. A Technical Writer / Technical Author, ideally with a scientific background, is needed to join an innovative and rapidly growing scientific R&D company in Oxford. The Role. Joining a company completely unique in the scientific community, the Technical Writer / Technical Author will liaise closely with print suppliers and Graphic Designers and create manuals and documentation for... more ▸
Salary: £33k - 38k per year + Benefits
Posted: 6 days ago

Technical Author

Bedfordshire - Allstaff Recruitment
Allstaff Recruitment are recruiting for a Technical Author - Engineering , to join an ever-growing engineering company based in Bedfordshire . Summary of the Technical Author... Salary: £30,000-£40,000 per annum Dependent on Experience Location: Bedfordshire Type of Contract: Permanent, Full time The role: As. Technical Author. your role will involve the following important duties: Take a pivotal role ensuring all machinery manuals are... more ▸
Salary: £30k - 40k per year
Posted: 30+ days ago

Technical Author

Bristol, Avon - Sonovision Ltd
Technical Author. Location: Bristol/Letchworth Salary: Up to £40,000 per annum plus benefits Hours: 37 hours per week Contract: Permanent Sonovision provides a full range of Technical Publications to multi-national companies world-wide. We develop printed, electronic and online documentation, working to industry specific standards such as S1000D, ATA, JSP and DITA for the Defence, Energy and Aerospace sectors. Technical Author - The... more ▸
Salary: Up to £40,000 per annum plus benefits
Posted: 30+ days ago